Daytime seating: £1 ppph (10am-6pm)
Evening seating: £2 ppph (6pm-10pm) - Summer only or by arrangement in the Winter
Live Music Gigs: £10 (Advance Ticket Advisable. Early Bird Discount 20% for Tickets purchased atleast 1 week before)
Saturday Showcase: £5 (Advance Ticket Advisable)
Private Hire for Social Gatherings: £30ph Weeknights, £40ph Saturdays, £50ph Sundays, (for up to 50 people)
Private Hire for clubs or meetings Monday to Wednesday evening £20ph (for up to 50 people)

Please book by emailing tickets@ (theyardreigate.co.uk) and we will send you a payment link.

Private Hire for Social Gatherings
Private Hire for Meetings

COVID-19 - Recent Events and Current Situation

We are currently open and fully compliant with the restrictions of the Government Road Map Step 2.

We have been constantly adapting with the pandemic, to provide a useful service to our community, and in the process we have evolved into something new. Take a peek at our journey. Covid-19 and The Yard