Santa's Workshop Booking

Please complete ALL details required When we have checked your application we will send you a link to purchase your tickets.
Tickets for children are £5 each. Advance Refreshment Tickets for accompanying adults are £5 each, with a 20% donation going to George and The Giant Pledge.

4 Children and 2 Adults is the maximum booking. If you are a family with more than 4 children you will need to make 2 applications, each with an accompanying adult.

Tell us who's coming and when?
We need 1 accompanying adult (maximum 2) for all children under 14 please.

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Preferred Timeslot

1st accompanying adult:




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2nd accompanying adult (if applicable):


1st Child:


2nd Child (if applicable):


3rd Child (if applicable):


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Refreshment Tickets:
How many £5 Refreshment Tickets would you like to buy in advance?
Ideally please order 1 for each accompanying adult. Your ticket can be redeemed for food or drink from our bar on the day. By buying in advance you ensure an additional donation to George and The Giant Pledge.

Christmas Booking